The Digirents equipment rental and leasing marketplace is a brand new sales channel to find customers and grow your business! We capture and send you customers who have short-term needs or would like to spread equipment costs over time and we make renting and leasing equipment SIMPLE. Our proprietary technology matches your equipment to real-time demand, qualifies the renters, offers the first layer of customer service and takes the hassle out of rental and leasing transactions. There are no up-front costs to become a Digirents supplier.

How It Works

As your customer, Digirents acts as a sales channel by sending you rental opportunities in non-traditional industries. Our supplier partners, in turn, act as our fulfillment department by providing rentals and great service to our customers. Digirents markets to customers all over the nation and in a variety of industries through our strong online presence. Partnering with us gives you an opportunity to reach additional customers outside of your primary customer base, which leads to an increase in revenue and overall equipment utilization.

Benefits include:

  • Connect with Customers. Digirents proprietary technology delivers hard-to-find rental and leasing demand for your most specialized equipment right to your inbox.
  • Get discovered. We’ll market your business and equipment using the Digirents website, email database and all our social media presence.
  • Grow your business. As a member of the Digirents Supplier Network, you will optimize rental profitability, tap into leasing opportunities, reduce your overhead and grow your business.


You bought your equipment to make money. Why settle for anything less? DIGIRENTS makes it simple and secure to earn money lending equipment in your downtime. Simply complete your fleet profile and start quoting on rentals in minutes.

YOU’RE IN CONTROL. You’re in full control of the availability and rental rates for your equipment. Not only that, you approve every rental before the machine ever leaves your yard.

WE’RE THERE. Our contracts, payments, and logistics services ensure your equipment is always in good hands. Complete your fleet profile to tell us what equipment.

Don’t worry about the contracts, billing, customer qualification, customer service or technology…
Digirents has you covered

How to become a Digirents Supplier

  • List your equipment for free: Complete your fleet profile to tell us what equipment you have and where it’s located Set your own price to ensure your rental rates are always competitive.
  • Set the price and availability: Choose when you want to quote on rentals and set blackout dates when your equipment is not available.
  • Review rental requests: Rental requests that match your fleet profile will be automatically sent to you. Confirm availability and approve pricing within seconds.
  • Get Paid: Digirents takes care of all the details so when your machine goes out on rent you can just sit back and wait for the checks to roll in.


We know that the safety of your equipment is the utmost priority, and it is important to trust the people you are renting your equipment to. That’s why we put you in control, and let you decide when and where your equipment goes on rent. Our contracts and verification process make sure your equipment remains secure throughout the rental.

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